Set Up Scanning

You can use any image-based scanner to scan the Weekly Attendance + Meal Count report into Minute Menu CX. For example, you can use network copiers as a scanner. Multi-function scanner/printer/faxers also work. 

The system reads the X's marked on the Weekly Attendance + Meal Count report and saves that information in Minute Menu CX to process the claim. In addition, Minute Menu CX saves the scanned image of that same report to a historic directory in your computer or network file server permanently. 

Setting Up Scanning at Your Agency

  1. If the Scanning menu at the top of the page is not visible, contact Minute Menu CX support to enable the Scanning feature.
  2. If you already have children enrolled, verify that there are no duplicate child numbers. To do so, click the Scanning menu and select Verify Child Numbers. If you do not have any children enrolled, skip this step.
  3. Set up your scanning configuration. For more information, see Scanning Configuration.
  4. Make sure the scanner you plan to use meets requirements. For more information, see Scanner Setting Requirements.

Center Training

Advise centers to print the Weekly Attendance + Meal Count report with high-quality ink. Do not print these forms in ink-saver or economy mode. Also teach center staff to fill out forms correctly. Forms that are not filled out correctly must be fixed before scanning or entered by hand.