Send Messages to Centers

You can send important messages to your centers in the Message Center window. For example, you may send out claim or paperwork reminders to a specific center or all centers with your agency.

  1. Click the Tools menu and select Message Center. The Message Center window opens.
  2. Click New Message in the top-right corner. The New Message window opens.
  3. In the Message Type section, select Outgoing Message.
  4. Check the Message Cannot be Deleted box to prevent centers from deleting this message.
  5. Click Select Centers to select the centers who should receive this message. This defaults to the center you selected in the Select Center drop-down menu prior to accessing the Message Center window.
  6. Click the Subject box and enter a subject for this message.
  7. To include an attachment, click Attach, browse to the location on your computer where the file is stored, and click Open.
  8. Click the text box and enter the body of the message.
  9. When finished, click Send.