Save SFSP Claims

Saving the Claim

  1. In, click Claims from the menu to the left.
  2. Click SFSP/ARAS Claims. The Enter Claims page opens.
    Note: You can also click the Claims menu in Minute Menu CX and select Enter Claims (SFSP/ARAS).
  3. Click the Location drop-down menu and select the site.
  4. Click the Claim drop-down menu and select the claim month.
  5. Review the claim information. To make changes, click Edit.
  6. When finished, click Submit Claim. If any errors are found, an error message displays at the top of the page. For example, if a center claims a meal for which they have not been approved, an error displays. Claims cannot be saved until all errors have been fixed.

Minute Menu CX will verifies the following information when saving the claim:

  • The number of days claimed is not greater than the number of days in the month.
  • The Average Daily Participated (ADP) count is not greater than the capacity of the center.
  • All required values are supplied, including at least one meal count and number of days claimed.
  • Negative counts have not been claimed.
  • The total meal count divided by two (2) is greater than the Attendance count.
  • The Total meals and snack count divided by three (3) is greater than the Attendance count.

End of the Month

Once the claim has been submitted to the state, mark it as submitted in Minute Menu CX. For more information, see Submit Claims to the State.