Complete Your Procare Import

Note: Click here to view and print our Procare Import handout.

Centers that use Procare 10 or higher can import children on a one-time basis or on an on-going basis. If you do not know whether your centers currently have Procare, ask them during your next site visit or phone call. Do not enroll children if your center would like to import from Procare, as this can result in duplicate child records.

Before centers can import their data, you (the sponsor) must:

  1. Email and request credentials for the Procare import.
  2. Provide the credentials you receive to your center.
  3. Obtain the center's Procare School ID number, and enter it in the following boxes in the Manage Center Information window: External ID and Alternate #.

Once these steps are complete, the center can begin the import process. If centers need further instructions, link them to Procare's help article Minute Menu CX Step by Step.