KidKare for Centers

Center staff can use KidKare to quickly record point-of-service meal counts and attendance from a smart phone, tablet, or computer. Train centers to record meals and attendance in KidKare.

  1. Log in at Centers use the same login ID and password they use to access Minute Menu CX. You can also create an account for them.
  2. Record attendance and meal counts on the Attendance & Meal Counts page.
    1. Confirm that the correct date, classroom, and meal are selected at the top of the page.
    2. Check the box next to each child to mark attendance.
    3. Click  to record a meal for the child. This icon is not available unless the child is marked in attendance.
    4. Click Save before exiting the page.
  3. Click  to customize the page display. Centers can filter by active or pending children and choose whether to show or hide photos.

Note: Centers need access to the full version of Minute Menu CX for things like enrolling children, planning menus, and submitting claims.