Re-Process Claims

Re-processing claims is sometimes necessary if you process a claim, but some piece of information was incorrect when the claim was processed initially.

Note: Re-processing claims wipes out any previous claim information—including any adjustments you have made to claim counts and meal disallowances. 

  1. Click the Claims menu and select List Claims. The List Claims window opens.
  2. In the Center section, select All Centers or Selected Center. If you do not already have a center selected in the toolbar, this filter defaults to All Centers and cannot be changed.
  3. In the Month section, select the Selected Month option or the All Month option. If you choose Selected Month, click the corresponding drop-down menu and select the month for which to view claims.
  4. If you operate in multiple states, click the State drop-down menu and select the state to view.
  5. Click Refresh Display. Claims that meet the limits you set display.
  6. Click View in the Details column for the claim to re-process. The Manage Claim Details window opens.
  7. Click Reprocess.