Activate Children

When centers enroll children, the children are automatically set to Pending status. Sponsors must then review and activate these children. There are two ways to enter categorical eligibility (FRP rates) and activate children: One at a time or multiple at a time.

Activating Multiple Children at a Time

  1. Click File and select Activate Children. The Activate Children window opens.
  2. In the Filter By section, select All Centers or Selected Centers.
  3. In the Exclude Children if Enrollment finalized section, select the Before option or the After option. Then, select a date.
  4. Check the Include Withdrawn Children Who Were Never Activated box to include withdrawn pending children in the list.
  5. Check the box next to each child to activate. You can also click Select All to select all listed children and Deselect All to clear your selections.
    Note: Check your selections before proceeding. You cannot undo this function.
  6. Click Activate.

Activating Children One at a Time

  1. Click the Select Center drop-down menu at the top of the window and select the center for which to activate children.
  2. Click Children from the toolbar. The Manage Child Information window opens.
  3. In the View Children Who Are section, select the Pending option.
  4. Click the drop-down menu and select a child.
  5. Click the Oversight tab.
  6. Click the Reimbursement Level drop-down menu and select the child's reimbursement level.
  7. Click the FRP Eligibility Basis drop-down menu and select the child's income eligibility basis.
    Note: You can also use the income eligibility calculator at the bottom of the window to calculate FRP rates/basis. For more information, see Income Eligibility Calculator.
  8. Check the Activate Child box.
  9. Click Save.