Print the Year-End Tax Summary

The Year End Tax Summary report provides a statement of claim reimbursements issued and allowable expenses. As long as Minute Menu CX was  used to issue payments by check or direct deposit and expenses were documented in the Receipts tool, the Year End Tax Summary will be accurate.

To access this report:

  1. Click the Select Center drop-down menu and select a center. This step is optional. If you do not select a center now, you cannot choose the Selected Center option when specifying the centers to include the report.
  2. Click the Reports menu, select Checkbook, and click Year End Tax Summary. The Select Year dialog box opens.
  3. Click the drop-down menu and click the year for which to print the report.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Select the centers for which to print the report. You can choose from Selected Center, All Active Centers, or Choose Multiple Centers
  6. Click Run Report.
    • If you selected Selected Center, a PDF is generated. This completes the process.
    • If you selected All Active Centers,  go to Step 8.
    • If you selected Choose Multiple Centers, continue to Step 7.
  7. If you selected Choose Multiple Centers in Step 5, set filters for the centers to include, and click Next.
  8. The Sort Preference dialog box opens. Select Center Name or Center Number.
  9. Click Continue. A PDF is generated.