Breastfeeding Infants

Daycare centers should record meals for infants that are breastfed by their mother on-site the same way that they record foods for children who receive breast milk from a bottle. They must record the breast milk option on the food list.

Per the USDA: 

”While centers and day care homes must document what foods an infant is served, there is no Federal requirement to document the delivery method for breast milk (e.g., if it was served in a bottle by the day care provider or if the mother breastfed on-site).” 

(CACFP 06-2017)

There is no reason (unless your state has instructed otherwise in writing) to identify whether or not the child was fed from the breast or the bottle. Identifying the type/brand of cup, bottle, plate, utensil, flatware, etc. has never been a requirement of the CACFP.

At this time, we are not aware of any state that has implemented this additional paperwork requirement.  If your state agency attempts to require documentation of which children were breastfed on-site, we encourage you to use this as an opportunity to discuss the concern that prompted the requirement.  This could be an opportunity to work with your state agency to reduce paperwork burden and focus attention on meeting the true requirements of the program.