Manage Review Disallow Reasons

Monitors can select disallowances on reviews, if needed. To do so, you must first set up disallowance reasons. Examples of why you may disallow during a review:

  • Meal was over capacity.
  • Not enough food served/insufficient quantities.
  • Meal counts not recorded at point of service.
  • Incorrect components served.
  • Missing components.
  • Improper sanitation.

Add as many disallowance reasons, as needed.

  1. Click the Tools menu and select Manage Review Disallow Reasons. The Manage Review Disallow Reasons dialog box opens.
  2. Click Add. A blank row is added to the list.
  3. Click the new row and enter the disallowance reason.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Continue to add as many reasons, as needed.
    These reasons populate the Disallow Reason drop-down menu in the Add New Review Disallow tab.