At-Risk After School Options

There are two options for entering At-Risk After School (ARAS) meals in KidKare

  • Enroll children, and take child-specific meal counts.
  • Do not enroll children, and record meal count and attendance totals only.

Children are Enrolled

If children are required to be enrolled for an ARAS site (closed-enrolled), or if the site serves both regular and ARAS meals, the center can record meals, meal counts, and attendance just as other sites do. However, the child should be marked as At-Risk in the Child tab in the Manage Child Information window. The center license must also be set up for ARAS. See Enroll Centers for ARAS for more information.

Children are Not Enrolled

If children are not required to be enrolled, sites can use the ARAS-only features in KidKare.  This function should be used by those sites that claim At-Risk meals only. Sites that serve At-Risk and regular CACFP meals should enroll children.