Record Center Menus

You can record menus for any selected center, if needed. Note that these are the same steps a center would follow to record menus themselves in Minute Menu CX, save for Step 1.

  1. Click the Select Center drop-down menu at the top of the window and select the center for which to record menus.
  2. Click the Menus/Attendance menu and select Record Center Menus. The Record Menu window opens.
  3. Click the Select Date drop-down menu and select the date for which you are recording a menu.
  4. Click the Meal drop-down menu and select the meal you are recording.
  5. Click next to each meal component to select a food. You can also click Use Menu Template to select a saved menu template. If this center also serves infants, make sure you complete the Infant Foods section, as well.
  6. If the center has participants over the age of 18, enrolled, the Adult Meal Pattern Substitutions section displays.
    • Check the Was yogurt substituted for milk? box if the center substituted yogurt for milk at this meal.
    • Check the Was milk served to adults? box if milk was served to adults at this meal.
      Notes: You can only select one option. When you select an option, the other is immediately set to No. Milk and yogurt substitutions are reflected on the Menu Production Record.
  7. In the Special Notes section, enter any notes about this meal in the appropriate box (Non-Infants and/or Infants).
  8. Click Estimate Attendance to estimate attendance for this meal.
  9. Click Save.