Scanning Overview

You can scan Weekly Attendance + Meal Counts forms that centers print and complete. Using this method, centers take point-of-service meal counts on paper and then submit those original records to their food program office/sponsor to scan.  An overview of the scanning process is below:

  1. Centers print the Weekly Attendance + Meal Count report each week and record daily attendance and meal counts at point-of-service.
  2. Centers send the original report to their food program office/sponsor weekly, twice monthly, or monthly.
  3. Sponsors spot-check the forms prior to scanning. This includes checking for stray marks, tears, potential issues, and so on.
  4. Sponsors can the documents with specific settings and save them to a specific folder.
  5. The documents are scanned with Minute Menu CX.
  6. Sponsors correct any scan errors.
  7. The claim is marked as Submitted and is ready for processing.

Before you can begin using scanning, you must complete several set up steps. For more information, see Setup Scanning.

Note:  We suggest that you perform an internal audit of at least 10% of your scanned claims each month to ensure that everything is working as expected.