Access the ARAS Feature

Note: Use this feature for At-Risk only  sites when children are not enrolled.

  1. Click the Menus/Attendance menu and select Record Meal Counts (SFSP/ARAS). The Record Served Meals page opens in a web browser.
    Note: You can also open a browser and go directly to
  2. Click the Location drop-down menu and select the center/site. Only those centers marked as At-Risk or Summer Food Program in the Manage Center Information License/Schedule tab display in this menu.
  3. Click the Day box and select the date to view. This box defaults to the current date.

Data Entry Options

Centers have the following data entry options:

  • Record meal counts directly into the program during the meal service on a tablet, smartphone, or computer.
  • Record point-of-service meal counts on paper and transfer them into later.
  • Record point-of-service meal counts on paper and turn that information into their sponsor. The sponsor can then enter the information into the program.