Error 100

At least one (1) serving of bread/alternate per day must be whole grain-rich.

Error 101

A Particular Type of Food was Served too Often. Consider Other Foods for a Better Variety.

Error 103

A Meal Was Served in Which Two or More Components May Have Been Provided by the Parent

Error 104

The Child's Infant Feeding Form Indicates Parent Supplies Formula and Food

Error 105

Juice Cannot be Served More than Once per Day to Non-Infants

Error 15

A Menu was Recorded, but no Children were Recorded in Attendance.

Error 23

Snacks Cannot Include only Milk and Juice, Another Food Must Also be Present

Error 53

For Profit Center Does Not Have at Least 25% Free or Reduced

Error 62

Child is missing an FRP application.

Error 70

Child's In/Out Times Indicate Child Not Present at Meal

Error 87

Milk Audit Resulted in Milk Shortage

Error 91

Infant Served Whose Parent Refuses Food

Error 92

A Pending Child was Claimed—No Signed Enrollment is on File—But the Child has an F/R/P Application