September 2021

September 22, 2021

UPDATED: We have updated the income eligibility form for Pennsylvania to the new federal form.
UPDATED: We have updated enrollment and income eligibility forms for Virginia.
UPDATED: We have updated enrollment and income eligibility forms for Maryland.
UPDATED: We have updated enrollment and income eligibility forms for Washington DC.
FIXED: An error occurs when users click Request New IEF with multiple children selected in the Reevaluate IEF window.
FIXED: Error 98 (Food was claimed on a date that fell after the food's effective end date) is disallowing snacks where three foods are present, where one food is past the end date set on the food list, but the other two components are active.
FIXED: Record Menus is running too slow.
FIXED: Individual infant records are missing after copying menus the infant attended.
FIXED: The Individual Infant Feeding Records notification still displays in Record Menu, even when individual infant menus are disabled (policy M.16).
FIXED: Non-infant quantities served are not removed from the menu quantities when food is changed or removed when policy M.16 is set to N.
FIXED: Generating the Milk Audit report for all active centers takes a long time.
FIXED: The Starting Age box in the Manage Center Information License/Schedule tab is allowing users to enter an age that is greater than the value entered in the Ending Age box.
FIXED: Error 79 displays when actual quantities are recorded in ounce equivalents for a food that does not have a calculation saved to the food list.
FIXED: The ounce equivalent unit displays on the unit list for the Bread/Alt and Infant Cereal food components when recording actual/leftover quantities when policy M.17 (ounce equivalents) is set to Y and M.01g (use the food list calculation) is set to Y.
FIXED: The Req Serving Size by Age field on the Menu Production Record displays with the ounce equivalents unit, while Qty Needed Per Est and Qty Needed Per Actual still shows the old unit (when M.17 = Y).


UPDATED: We've added a permission for center admins to determine who can see the Sponsor Call Log tab in Messages.
FIXED: When users click Submit on the Claims List, the Submit Claim to Sponsor dialog box does not open. Instead, the claim is submitted to the sponsor without allowing the user to print reports and review claim details.