October 2021

October 20, 2021

UPDATED: We have updated the Wisconsin income eligibility form for fiscal year 2022.
FIXED: Meals disallowed for milk shortages are disallowing children served different milks for the same milk (when policy M.06f is set to Specific Meals). For example, a child is served Skim Milk and a child is served Substitute Milk. Both have a shortage per the Milk Audit, but both children are disallowed under the Skim Milk shortage.
FIXED: Milk required in the Milk Audit for Non-Participating Children should be removed or recalculated.
FIXED: Milk quantities are not exporting to Excel from the Manage Receipts feature.
FIXED: The Record Meals window is running slowly for large clients.
FIXED: The meal counts listed for disallowed meals on the Claim Information page in KidKare does not match what is listed on the Office Error report. This issue affected centers with multiple licenses, where one license was At-Risk.
FIXED: The Virginia enrollment form is missing the Race and Ethnicity section.
FIXED: The Record Attendance Data Entry Restrictions column is now showing in the Center List Export File when selected in the Select Output for Export File dialog box.

October 13, 2021

UPDATED: We removed the Effective Dates section for all five types of food rules in the KidKare Food Tool.