October 2019

October 27, 2019

UPDATED: Added the Billing Details report to KidKare. This report lists monthly invoice details by site. For more information, see Billing Details report.
Updated the income eligibility form for Illinois.
UPDATED: Updated the income eligibility form for Nevada.
UPDATED: Updated the enrollment form and income eligibility form for Washington, D.C.
FIXED: When running direct deposits for center payments, the ACH file is generating as an .IIF file instead of as a .TXT file.
FIXED: The F+R % on the OER for some centers is reflecting a value over 100%. The F+R % on the OER should be a value that represents the percentage of free and reduce children at a center and should never exceed 100%.
FIXED: The Reevaluate IEF window times out and fails to load.
FIXED: Some fields do not display clearly on the Washington, DC enrollment form.