November 2021

November 24, 2021

UPDATED: We have created a state upload file for Nevada.
UPDATED: We have updated the Virginia enrollment form in Minute Menu CX to the proper state form. This does not affect eForms, which was updated in September 2021.
UPDATED: We have updated the Georgia income eligibility form to the latest version.
FIXED: The Choose Multiple Centers filter for the Weekly Quantities Required report was not working correctly. All centers with menus in the selected date range printed on the report, regardless of centers selected with this filter.
FIXED: The Track Received Claims feature did show any data for some users. This was caused by conflicting time zones between the user's computer and our database.
FIXED: The Kansas upload file was not using the right designation for At-Risk sites This file now uses ASCS for At-Risk sites.
FIXED: The Virginia enrollment and income eligibility forms are not formatted properly. The alignment of items on several pages was incorrect.