November 2019

November 20, 2019

UPDATED: Updated the Spanish version of the Georgia income eligibility form.
UPDATED: Updated the Georgia income eligibility and enrollment forms.
UPDATED: Updated the Colorado income eligibility and enrollment forms for 2019. This also includes the Spanish version of those forms.
UPDATEDUpdated the Idaho income eligibility form for 2020.
UPDATED: Added sort preferences for the Center Error Letter. You can now sort by Center Name or Center Number.
UPDATED: Added Direct Cert to the Program drop-down menu in the Child Information Oversight tab. When you select Direct Cert in this menu and save the child's IEF application, the FRP Eligibility Basis drop-down menu is also automatically set to Direct Cert.
FIXED: Error 101 and Error 105 are showing on the Office Error report for the same meal. If a meal is disallowed for Error 101, Error 105 should not display.
FIXED: The Group by Classroom and Sort Alphabetically filters are not working correctly on certain reports, such as the Center Error Letter, Child Roster, Non-Profit Status, and Centers Invoice reports.
FIXED: When users scan forms that have Monday through Friday on them, they receive a Bad Date Error.
FIXED: If policies M.06e and M.06f are set to Monthly, the Office Error report should disallow a monthly percentage of meals for any milk type with a shortage. However, the Office Error report is not showing a disallowance for whole milk under these conditions.