May 2020

May 20, 2020

UPDATED: We have updated the Filling Out Forms Correctly PDF to show the most recent, corrected version.
UPDATED: We added a state claim file for Louisiana. Louisiana sponsors can generate this file in the Submit Claim to State window. For more information about generating state claim files, see Submit Claims to State.
UPDATED: We updated the Spanish version of the North Carolina enrollment form in CX. This change does not apply to eForms (the default forms are used).
UPDATED: We have updated the income eligibility form for Georgia.
UPDATED: We have updated the non-discrimination statement for the Colorado enrollment form.
UPDATED: We have added the Claim Payment Details report to KidKare for sponsored centers. Sponsored centers can print this report from the Claims category on the Reports page. See Claim Payment Details Report for more information.
FIXED: Child names, birth dates, and parent names don't pre-populate on Ohio income eligibility forms.
FIXED: In Manage Receipts, the record details do not match filter criteria when the user changes a filter after a previous filter returns zero records.
FIXED: CX crashes if a user inputs any characters in the Written Off cell for the Starting Balance in the Daily Overview Milk Audit.
FIXED: An error displays when users enter a classroom name over 120 characters in the Manage Classrooms window.
FIXED: There is an unnecessary blank page in the Adult Care enrollment and income eligibility forms.
FIXED: Centers are able to bypass the Children: Child Roster restriction by generating rosters from the Manage Center Information window.
FIXED: Users are unable to add a $0 receipt for milk donations. Instead, they receive a Receipt is Invalid error message.
FIXED: The Master Menu Monthly Plan shows the old footer if it is generated by a sponsored center.
FIXED: Center staff who do not have permissions to view claim information are still able to access claim information through the Dashboard.
FIXED: The Weekly Paid Attendance + Meal counts report doesn't total correctly.
FIXED: The totals on the Receipts export do no match the Center Receipt Journal in Minute Menu CX.
FIXED: The Total Adjustments Amt. field on the Non Claim Payment Adjustments report is rounding to the nearest whole number. It should round to two decimal places.
FIXED: The Infant Plan should not be included for non-infant enrollment forms for the state of Maryland.
FIXED: The Master Menu Calendar does not show meal indicators (B for Breakfast, L for Lunch, and so on) if only infant foods are saved.
FIXED: The Daily FRP report is doubling the days, which also doubles the totals.
FIXED: Some users with access to the List Claims window cannot access it upon login.
FIXED: Classrooms are missing for active children.
FIXED: (KidKare) Some users receive an error when attempting to approve income eligibility forms in eForms.
FIXED: (KidKare) Classroom names added in KidKare are not saved if they contain spaces or start by five (5) trailing characters.