May 2019

May 23, 2019

UPDATED: Added the ability to sort and filter the Monthly Claimed Attendance Only report and the Monthly Paid Attendance Only report. This includes the option to group by classroom and sort alphabetically.
UPDATED: Added a permission for Balance State Funds so sponsor administrators can control which sponsor users can access the Balance State Funds function.
UPDATED: Hid food scan code numbers from the Record Menu window and menu templates.
UPDATED: Alphabetized the classrooms in the Record Attendance/Served Meals window.
UPDATED: Added the ability to export the External ID and Child ID to the Child List Export file.
UPDATED: Added the ability to sort the Child IEF and Child Enrollment reports by child number, child first name, or child last name.
UPDATED: Added a Verified column to the Receipts Journal. This column indicates which receipts were verified. We also added an asterisk (*) in the Not Approved column that corresponds to the following note at the bottom of the report: Not Approved = Funds are required to be returned to the designated CACFP account.
UPDATED: Added Free, Reduced, and Paid labels next to the appropriate percentage on the Claim Summary and Error report for centers.
UPDATED: Updated the SFSP rates for 2019.
FIXED: Special notes from the Record Menu window do not display on the Monthly Menu  Menu Plan reports or the Center Weekly Menu report.
FIXED: The total balance in the Issue Payments window does not change when a sponsor de-selects a center.
FIXED: Sponsors cannot delete dates for Received Paperwork in the Track Received Claims window.
FIXED: Track Received Claims is showing times in UTC instead of CST.
FIXED: Track Received Claims changes the Received Paperwork date from the selected date to the current date.
FIXED: The Menu Production Record truncates special notes.
FIXED: The Weekly Quantities Required report does not display all infant foods in the correct categories.
FIXED: The milk for Age 1 is missing from the Review List Export file.
FIXED: Meals display on the Menu Calendar when users enter notes for that day, but no meal components were selected.
FIXED: Users can enter actual quantities needed for infants without actually selecting food.
FIXED: Historic data users can enter a signature date that is later than the history month.
FIXED: When sponsors process claims, a processing error occurs when a center is not approved for a meal.
FIXED: Error 101 (A Particular Type of Food was Served too Often. Consider Other Foods for a Better Variety) does not display for the non-infant group at a meal where Error 16 (No Foods Were Served but Child(ren) Were in Attendance for the Given Meal(s) for the Listed Age Group) displays for the infant group (when conditions for both errors are met).
FIXED: An exception error displays when a user opens the Manage Vendors window and there are no vendors present.
FIXED: Sponsors receive an error when attempting to process claims for certain centers.