June 2019

June 20, 2019

UPDATED: Updated the formatting of the CA state upload file.
UPDATED: Updated Maryland's enrollment form with infant feeding.
UPDATED: Centers can now add leftover quantities (per new policy M.01f). These reflect on the Menu Production record. For more information, see Record Leftover Quantities.
UPDATED: Added the July 2019-June 2020 income eligibility rates to CX.
FIXED: Error 87 (Milk Audit Resulted in Milk Shortage) does not list the milk type related to the error.
FIXED: Sent dates on the View Status All Data report are in the future.
FIXED: The table on the Menu Production Record is cut off at the meal when food displays on more than one page.
FIXED: Centers can still delete receipts after the claim has been submitted.
FIXED: In Issue Payments, the export file is generating as a .TXT file instead of .IIF.
FIXED: The ending balance on the Milk Audit Detailed Report is not updated after updating the Written Off value.
FIXED: Sponsored centers still see the eForms banner even though their sponsor is not using eForms.
FIXED: The Monthly Overview Milk Audit Print button does not work.
FIXED: Errors 101 (A Particular Type of Food was Served too Often) and 66 (Foods Seen by Monitor were Different than Foods Recorded by Center) show for non-infant meals even though Error 22 (At Least Two Valid Foods Must be Served at Snacks) already disallowed that meal for non-infants.
FIXED: Centers can enter meal counts for meals outside of serving times.
FIXED: Changes to the classroom name are not reflected in Attendance & Meal Counts.
FIXED: Independent centers should be directed to the Expenses tab in KidKare when clicking Receipts from the CX dashboard.
FIXEDIn the Milk Audit, value for Gallons Short for Claim and Gallons Sort by Day are the same.
FIXED: Made corrections to the Georgia enrollment and income eligibility forms.
FIXED: Manually completing eForms in CX does not update online enrollment records.