July 2019

July 18, 2019

UPDATED: Scan codes/food numbers no longer display in the Edit Review window.
FIXED: The Non-Infant Breakfast section is missing from the Menu Production Record when users only recorded attendance for infants and recorded a menu for Breakfast and AM Snack for non-infants.
FIXED: Users cannot enter a review without attendance, including No Meal and Attempted Review reviews.
FIXED: The eForms folder in CX is still enabled after the sponsor deactivates eForms.
FIXED: The Auto Calculate function in Estimate Attendance does not work for the 13-18 age group.
FIXED: The non-infant Menu Production Record does not generate for non-infant if the meal includes only actual attendance for infants.
FIXED: Clicking the eForms banner results in an Unhandled Exception.
FIXED: Updated the Spanish version of the Florida Legally Affiliated income eligibility form.
FIXED: Updated the English and Spanish versions fo the Florida Legally Separated income eligibility form.
FIXED: In specific cases, the Claims Roster and the Office Error Report do not have the exact same FRP counts.
FIXED: Center Receipts Journal reports are not printing in alphabetical order.
FIXED: Users are unable to export Child Enrollment reports for multiple children with invalid DOBs.
FIXED: Error 101 still displays when Error 70 display.
FIXED: The Weekly Attendance + Meal Count report outputs an additional blank page when generated.
FIXED: The whole grain-rich lock status is not being copied when the Master Food List is copied.
FIXED: Error 101 still shows on the OER when Error 103 /Error 104/ Error 91 has been shown for the same infant menu.
FIXED: The Help button in the Manage ACH Settings does not open a valid web page.
FIXED: When users print only the Enrollment page for the Child IEF/Child Enrollment report, an extra blank page is generated for each enrollment form.
FIXED: When entering menus, users cannot check the Whole Grain-Rich box for a selected food without re-opening the Food Picker and selecting the food again.
FIXED: Users are still able to add receipts with a balance greater the zero (0) in Itemized Entry.
FIXED: When users choose multiple centers when printing the Milk Audit Summary from the Monthly Overview Milk Audit window, some centers do not show on the report.
FIXED: The Weekly Quantities Required report is severely inflated.
FIXED: The Actual Qty Prepared column still displays in the Menu Production Record without header text when Policy M.01 (Record Quantities Served) is set to N.
FIXED: Centers can still save incorrect IEF signature dates in the Manage Child Information Oversight tab despite the warning message that pops up. This affects sponsors who are set to use historic data.