January 2021

January 21, 2021

UPDATED: We have implemented a new Milk Carryover policy for the State of Georgia: Milk Carryover must be limited to only include milk purchased within the last five (5) days of the month.
FIXED: Centers are able to access Reports in KidKare and CX, even when they do not have Reports permissions.
FIXED: Changes made to income eligibility form expiration dates in the Renew Child Enrollments window are not saving. Users click edit, change the date, click Save, and receive a save confirmation. However, the changes made are not reflected in the Manage Child Information Oversight tab.
FIXED: Users are unable to sort children in the Pending Children window by enrollment date. Clicking the Enrollment Date header does not affect the listed children.
FIXED: When policy M.06d Milk Audit Carryover Definition is set to Most Recent Purchase, deleted receipts are being factored into the carryover amount. This means that deleted milk purchase amounts are being used as the carryover amount.