February 2021

February 25, 2021

UPDATED: We updated the ARAS Printable Sign In report to include columns for Att and Served. We have also added a Meal Served field and Served and Attendance columns to the report.
UPDATED: We added a new policy to require centers to obtain new enrollment forms/income eligibility forms for withdrawn children after re-enrollment. This is policy D.31 Set Enrollment & Income Expiration Dates to Child Withdrawn Date. If you set this policy to Y, when a center withdraws a child from care, that child's enrollment and income eligibility expiration dates on the child's record will be set to the withdrawn date. This will require centers to obtain new EFs/IEFs.  Note that this policy does not affect children withdrawn via Procare Import or KidKare Import. This policy defaults to N.
UPDATED: We've updated the dates on the Virginia enrollment and income eligibility forms.
UPDATED: We have updated the Mississippi income eligibility form to the version dated 7/2021.
FIXED: The Qualifying Program # field in the Child Information Oversight tab was not being cleared or replaced when a new FRP Eligibility Basis was entered.
FIXED: (Scanning) Scanned meals were being assigned to children who have been withdrawn for several years.
FIXED: The signature timestamp on enrollment forms is six (6) hours ahead of the actual time the form was signed and submitted. This is causing the child's enrollment date to be the following date if the form is signed and submitted near the end of the day.
FIXED: Users are unable to manually delete an adult client after attendance and meals are recorded and a slider value is set for a meal in KidKare.
FIXED: CX is crashing intermittently for some users when removing meals.