August 2019

August 22, 2019

UPDATED: Sponsors can now add footers to infant and non-infant menus. This option is accessible from the Tools menu. For more information, see Manage Menu Footers.
UPDATED: Updated the IEF for Wisconsin.
UPDATED: Updated the Infant Form for Washignton D.C.
UPDATED: Updated the IEF for Ohio.
FIXED: Reverted the Labor Tally Sheet back to the previous version for most sponsors.
FIXED: The Verify FRP Consistent Within Family report does not generate for all centers, which prevents sponsors from pulling the report for all active centers.
FIXED: The Claim List Export report is s till reflecting the old meal pattern, and it is missing age group 13-18y.
FIXED: The # of Program Participant Meals to be Claimed row on the Weekly Attendance & Meal Count Worksheet only includes x's from single-shift meals. Totals for Bs, 1s, and 2s from two-shift meals are missing.
FIXED: Centers are able to save attendance and served meals from past days before the current week and current claim month when the Record Attendance Date/Time Limitation is set to By End of Week.
FIXED: Corrected the Georgia IEF/EF forms in CX. Income details should not be populating these forms. This change does not affect eforms.
FIXED: (CX Web) The Seconds column does not display in exports for sites, even though the column displays on the web page. This applies to centers who are set to SFSP, but not ARAS.

August 1, 2019

UPDATED: Updated the NC enrollment and income eligibility forms. This change does not apply to eForms.
FIXED: The incorrect gender is recorded when enrollments are renewed via KidKare in the following situations:

  • If there is no gender selected in Minute Menu CX when the child is initially set up, the opposite gender selected during eForms enrollment is recorded. For example, if the child is marked as Female in eForms, Male is saved to their file.

  • If there is already a gender selected in Minute Menu CX and the parent changes the gender during eForms enrollment, the change is not retained.