April 2020

April 15, 2020

UPDATED: The Office Error report (OER) and Center Information report now display five-digit center numbers.
UPDATED: We have updated the income eligibility form for South Carolina.
UPDATED: Non-claim payment adjustments are now included on the OER and Center Error Letter.
UPDATED: We have added a new policy that allows you to determine what rounding method to use for Cash in Lieu. You can find this policy under B. Claim in the Manage Policies window. For more information about setting policies, see Set Policies and Preferences.
FIXED: Meal counts from scanned forms are not scanned into Minute Menu CX properly.
FIXED: Foods are truncated on the Center Weekly Menu report.
FIXED: The center name and center number are missing from the Spanish enrollment form for Idaho.
FIXED: The No. 10 cans unit is miscalculated for the quantity needed per attendance on the Menu Production Record.
FIXED: The Solid Food box in the CACFP Infant Meals - Parent Preference Letter should not be checked by default.
FIXED: Quantities needed per estimated attendance are missing from the Menu Production Record when printed for menus that have been copied and pasted.
FIXED: The List Claims window should be sorted by most recent claim (when accessed from the Claims button in Manage Center Information) or by center name (when accessed from Claims>List Claims) by default.