April 2019

April 18, 2019

UPDATED: Users can no longer change the signature date on income eligibility forms to a date that is outside of the current history month.
UPDATED: Added the ability to sort the Office Error report (OER) alphabetically by center name.
UPDATED: Updated the Weekly Quantities Required report to include age-specific milk components.
UPDATED: Updated the Washington enrollment form and income eligibility form.
UPDATED: Updated the formatting of Weekly Attendance & Meal Counts Worksheet for Texas.
FIXED: Centers can mark a food as whole grain-rich in KidKare, even when the sponsor locked the Whole Grain-Rich slider to No.
FIXED: Centers cannot clear the Whole Grain-Rich box in CX, even though the sponsor did not lock the slider to Yes.
FIXED: The Claim List Export file uses the old meal pattern infant age groups.
FIXED: The ending balance on the Daily Overview Milk Audit does not update when users update the Written Off field and click Recalculate.
FIXED: Error 78 (Quantity of Food Prepared was Less Than Quantity Required) is generated on the OER, even though food quantities are sufficient.
FIXED: The estimated counts on the Actual vs Estimate Meal Count Comparison report are severely inflated.
FIXED: The Meal Count Data Entry report displays the same time for all meals on a particular day.
FIXED: Milk is not split on the Weekly Quantities Required report.
FIXED: Centers did not record AM Snack menus, but still received Error 15 (A Menu was Recorded, but no Children were Recorded in Attendance) and Error 23 (Snacks Cannot Include only Milk and Juice, Another Food Must Also be Present).
FIXED: When users renew the Enrollment eForm, it changes the Income Eligibility eform to Paid, even if it is still valid as Reduced or Free.
FIXED: When Policy M.15 is set to Warn and Error 101 (A Particular Type of Food was Served too Often. Consider Other Foods for a Better Variety) shows warn, Error 105 (Juice Cannot be Served More than Once Per Day to Non-Infants) is not disallowing the appropriate meals.
FIXED: An Unhandled Exception error displays when a center records child attendance and clicks Save, preventing the center from saving attendance.
FIXED: The Weekly Attendance + Meal Count report cannot be generated for the future.
FIXED: The non-infant quantities on the Weekly Quantities Required report are calculated incorrectly.